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Media & Testimonials...


Featured on the Atomic Mom's podcast. Click on the image to listen to the interview.


Featured on Loving our Littles with Hannah Gazibon. Click the image to see the interview.


Featured on the Best in Ottawa site in the Swim Schools section. 

"My kiddo is swimming! Thanks to Selena. Selena has a great balance between strict and nurturing that children need. Her approach really helps the kids build their confidence which I think is half the battle to get anyone swimming. I recommend her to anyone looking for swim lessons for their child."

I am in AWE with Swim to Selena, my son went from not being able to swim- to after the two week intensive- being able to do a breast stroke across the length of the pool. I don't think the other reviews aptly describe how horrendous and traumatic the first day is. It was awful, my son cried the whole time and then begged me that evening when I put him to bed, that morning when he woke up and then again at lunch while I was feeding him, not to send him back to swimming lessons. Ha, he even promised to clean his room and eat broccoli if he could quit swimming. I was really on the fence if we should continue with the program but I looked at the reviews and Selena's personal guarantee that your child will be swimming by the end of the course and we persevered. At the end of the day, especially in SoCal with all our pools and ocean, swimming is a life skill that he needs to learn!!!  Alas, my son didn't cry at all the second day and by the third he was starting to get this swimming skill down. The method works!!!!!!! You can't run to your child's lamentation the first day because that would make them think they can't do it, when they really can! Selena is the appropriate blend of kind and stern when needed and all the children quickly trusted her as the swimming guru she is. All the kids in my sons class were swimming by the end and the other two kids were younger than my son, 4 and 3 respectively. I also appreciated how Selena adapted to each child's ability, my son at 5 caught on quickly so she challenged him more than the other kids. Last but not least, in addition to swimming both children and parents alike learn water/pool safety which I'm so grateful for. Thanx Selena!! Now that I know about you and your miracle process I'll bring my next child at two years of age"


"I signed up for Selena's first session this summer; my daughter turned 2 in April.  She was not excited about getting into the water with a stranger, and without mommy or daddy. Lots of tears the first 7 days, then a total breakthrough!  On class 8 and 9, she showed serious improvement.  Now she loves to swim and has no fear of the water.  She jumps off the edge and swims to me, turns around, swims back to the wall and pulls herself up.  She swims better than her older cousins that have been taking classes for years!  We are so happy with the results!  
Next summer, we will enroll again with Selena."


Selena is really an amazing swim instructor.  I am able to swim back and forth in her pool and tread water after 9 lessons.She really knows what she is doing. She showed me techniques that work well for me. I always wanted to jump in the pool my whole life, and I did it after 9 lessons. Thank you Selena!!!"
"We had a great experience with Swim to Selena! After a day or two of tears, our 3- and 5-year-old were happily jumping into the pool, and by the end of the two weeks they had a ton of skills and the confidence to swim across. Selena has a firm and respectful attitude that kids really respond to - they trust her and listen to her. A year after our lessons, the kids are still pretty competent in the pool, despite almost no chances to practice in the intervening time. The two weeks of afternoons spent in Selena's back yard are honestly one of the highlights of last summer. It was such a pleasure seeing our kids' pride as they mastered a challenging new skill."
Very professional 
Amazing results. My daughter became very confident and I can say she did learn to swim in 9 days. It's just perfect program that really works.

"Our 2.5 year old daughter just completed the 9 day course and we could not recommend Selena more. She was a wonderful teacher - she made all the children feel safe and even when there were tears in the first few days she remained calm and kind and the children were happy to follow her direction. The progress from Day 1 to 9 is unbelievable - my daughter is now happily jumping into the pool and swimming with confidence - she cannot get enough! This was a wonderful experience for us as a family and I would recommend Selena and her lessons whole heartedly to everyone."

"What an amazing teacher! Selena did the impossible with our little guy. My guy is a crier and she managed to get him to go from fear to fun in no time. She is disciplined and encouraging with the kids. It's all about pool awareness, safety, and survival. The first day is tough but to watch your child swim on his own after a few days is priceless"
"Selena is wonderful!  My son is learning so much from her!  At 4 years old, he is already a better swimmer than I am.  He is completely comfortable in the water.  He is swimming the length of the pool.  He is learning several types of techniques (arms, kicking, etc).  He is starting the basics of diving.  He loves Selena and is learning more than I ever anticipated.  We are so happy!"
"Came back from a fabulous spring break where Halle was a super confident swimmer and so much fun in the pool. She even learned how to dive to the bottom of the pool which lend itself to plenty of games picking up rings etc.  She also insisted on her 3 swims, 3 jumps, 3 throws and 3 turns every time we got into the pool (twice a day.). We never took the floaties and she never asked for them!

Thank you so much for getting her over the hump.  The progress she made in the 9 days with you was amazing to watch."
"Awesome!  We did 2 intense sessions for our 4 year old daughter.  Wish we'd done it sooner."
"The other reviews speak for themselves. Selena is truly amazing! The kids love her and she is great with them. Both our kids have learnt to swim at Selena's and our friends and family are amazed at how well they did after only 9 lessons. Thank you Selena for the love, dedication and caring! If you are debating on where to send your kids to learn to swim, look no more. Selena is who you want to teach them."
"Thank you again Selena for everything! I loved watching how the girls went from nothing and in 9 days are so comfortable in the water and swimming. You are truly amazing!"


"Selena was great!  I had tried other places with my sons and nothing worked.  Her approach was perfect!  She not only got my boys swimming but they also can't wait to swim.  They were truly disappointed when their lessons ended - and so was I!  Cannot recommend highly enough!"

"We love her! I needed my babies safe in the water and I needed it fast. AMAZING. My kids ask to go to Selena's all the time. We're home...SWIMMING and loving it.Thank you Selena!"


"Selena is awesom! She knows how to connect with your child and get them swimming in a week! We will definitely be signing up for the next level session with her."

"I have a 3 year old little boy who went through 3 swim instructors this season before we discovered Selena. 
For the first 4 days he cried, but he swam. And then magically on Friday Selena asked him a question that provoked a heartfelt ," I so proud about it (referring to him be able to swim)." No more tears and now  he enjoys swimming. 
My husband lovingly refers to her as a Babyseal instructor.
She is firm and at the same time very kind.
She says what she means and means what she says!!
My son loves his swim teacher.
She is an excellent instructor. 
Thank you Selena."


"We love Selena! Amazing teacher. She is a gift from God. My daughter came to her last year for lessons at 4 years old and now we came back to Selena to have private lessons. It's so nice for her to just focus one on one especially for my daughter who gets bored easy and can't stay in one place for a long time.
Thank you. I'll be back again with my son when it's time for him to get in the water!"
"We Love her!  I needed my babies safe in the water and I need it fast.
AMAZING. My kids ask to go to Selena's all the time.  We're home...SWIMMING and loving it. Thank you Selena!"
"Selena not only helped my son overcome his deeply ingrained fear of going under water and get him on the road to swimming, she also supported me (via email and a phone call) when I had my doubts. On day one, my 6-year-old son--upon being told he had to go under water, right off the bat--cried, screamed, begged me to "save him", and ultimately fled the pool. I left in tears, feeling like I'd made a mistake. But Selena encouraged me to stick with it, and she even went so far as to spend extra time with my son outside of his regular class so he could get more comfortable with her. It was more of the same on days 2 and 3, but by the end of the first week, the screaming had ceased and my son was learning how to swim. By the 7th class, he could get across the length of the pool--a feat he never came close to accomplishing after a year of weekly lessons at another swim school. We're thankful we didn't give up after those first few tough days! Bonus: on the last day of class, parents get in the pool with the kids to learn how to continue teaching them. Selena gave us great tips for making sure our son keeps up his skills."
"It has been a true pleasure and honor to watch you transform our daughter into a confident water women. Not only has she developed a love for swimming but her confidence has soared in everything she is doing right now.  She is potty training herself all of a sudden. Her language is exploding. Her relationship with books have taken a very independent turn. The other day she made a big show of reading to us. This experience former has been trans-formative.  This is her first big physical hurdle since learning to walk.

You are very skilled and gifted at working with children. The way in which you facilitated their journey into swimming is truly magical. Your ability to manage varying personalities in different developmental stages, individual student needs and varying swimming skill levels is a show of mastery in your craft.  Your intuition
is spot on. It is a testament to you knowing yourself and your ability. Your confidence is contagious and your students can't help but find it within themselves. The way in which you hold space for each student in a class simultaneously in a unique and independent way is awesome to watch. Seeing you create firm and nurturing boundaries is great for us parents to witness.  I'm sure you know from being a parent yourself it's much harder to maintain those nurturing boundaries when they are your own kids. Seeing you model it in the pool helps me remember how grounding it is for them and me even in the chaos. Thank you for everything."