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You know there are TONS of children out there who need to learn to swim...

You KNOW that you can help because you're a great coach...

And maybe you're having trouble getting clients to sign up or you have so many you can't help them all.


Regardless of the problem you're facing RIGHT NOW, this is the perfect solution for you to:


Get more clients,

Teach them to swim faster,

Guarantee results, 


Make more money so you have more time for the other important things in your life.

Imagine being able to teach a child to swim and self-rescue in just 10 lessons of under 10 minutes each. Imagine what it would mean for your business if you could offer a GUARANTEE that a client's child - as young as 2 - would be able to swim in just 100 minutes - and then, be able to overdeliver and have them self-rescuing too...

That's what the Swim to Safety method promises.

When you sign up to get certified as a Swim to Safety coach you discover:

  • How Selena was able to train over 200 children and make over six-figures every summer without any overhead cost. 

  • How to coach children ages 2+ effectively in a miraculously short amount of time and guarantee results, and 

  • How to position your business so all you need to worry about is which bathing suit you're going to wear that day.


Whether you're an established instructor with a location of your own or a seasonal backyard pool coach; Selena has you covered so you can serve more families, save more lives, and make more money. 

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