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What to do if your child is drowning.

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No one wants to think about this happening to their child but if we know what drowning looks like

then we can intervene before it's too late.

Please remember when reading this that I am referring to saving a child not a teen or adult. Even a pre-teen can overpower a trained lifeguard when in distress so use caution and know your abilities.

You recognize the signs, you know your child is in trouble but what can you do? What options do you have? A child who is drowning will NOT look at you, swim towards you, catch an item in front of them that floats or respond to their name being called in any way so what are your options?

1- CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES - If a child is drowning the first thing that needs to be done is calling for help. Especially if the child is no longer actively drowning but is face down or at the bottom of the pool. Even if you think it's not necessary it is always best to have a professional look over the child after such an incident to ensure a trip to the hospital is not necessary. I will be writing about secondary drowning in the next few weeks but even equipped with that information it is important to use caution and a medical professional will be better able to advise you on the child's specific situation and risks for further complications due to the incident.

2- Find an item around the pool that can help you - Most pools have items that can