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  • Selena Willows

Buzzing with Marlowe - Podcast

What an incredible conversation with Warren of Buzzing with Marlowe. Warren is a retired wrestler and we chat coaching, mindset, and what it takes to get through discomfort to learn and grow.

We also chat about the concerns with teaching back floats before children are confident and capable in the water, teaching children who cannot understand basic communication, how we best learn to use our body to do things.

If you're here looking for support getting your child swimming, know that you are absolutely in the right place. Whether you've tried everything else, haven't started yet and want to avoid the trouble, or have a child who needs the kind of support only a parent can give just right; Swim to Me allows you to bond with your child as you help them through a life-saving, and sometimes lightly dramatic, milestone and come out the other side with a fun, physical, outdoor activity that you have bonded over and can enjoy together for life.

With that, enjoy!


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