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Chat with Atomic Moms' Ellie Knaus - Podcast *circa 2017

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

I think I realised that what I had managed to figure out with my son and replicate with countless other children was a big deal only AFTER I was invited on to my first podcast and started getting calls about it.

I had spent 9 lessons teaching a child and, as is often the case, had no clue who her mom was. LA is a big city with lots of stars and it was hard not to care but I had gotten to a point where I was no longer looking up my clients to see how they may have heard of me.

After our last lesson Ellie came up to me and asked if I wanted to be on her podcast and I thought it would be a fun little thing to do. Little did I know that Ellie Knaus is REALLY good at her job AND that I was in for quite a treat. Ellie asked questions I never would have thought she knew to ask and if you want to get a little taste of my personal life Ellie certainly provides.

Without further ado - to go back and listen to my first guest spot on a podcast ever, recorded back around 2017 you can catch it here:

Warning, there is some personal stuff in there but it's a great way to go back in time to before I was teaching parents to be their child's swim teacher. Ellie and I get into how I manage the pool, the children, and the parents and then in the second half she uncovers the journey I had been on prior to this. We talk about overcoming a food addiction, maintaining 150lb loss over a decade or so and some of the support needed to accomplish this kind of thing.

If you're here looking for support getting your child swimming, know that you are absolutely in the right place. Whether you've tried everything else, haven't started yet and want to avoid the trouble, or have a child who needs the kind of support only a parent can give just right; Swim to Me allows you to bond with your child as you help them through a life-saving, and sometimes lightly dramatic, milestone and come out the other side with a fun, physical, outdoor activity that you have bonded over and can enjoy together for life.

With that, enjoy the episode!


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