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Water safety with Child Behavioural Specialist Hannah Gazibon - Video

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Picture this, 2019, I have just finished teaching this beautiful mama's children to swim and, blown away by the way I teach and the insights I have given her, Child Behavioural specialist Hannah Gazibon she asks if she can interview me.

In this interview we talk all things water safety and more. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment!!! I hope you find some insight in here or an ah ha moment at a minimum.

If you're here looking for support getting your child swimming, know that you are absolutely in the right place. Whether you've tried everything else, haven't started yet and want to avoid the trouble, or have a child who needs the kind of support only a parent can give just right; Swim to Me allows you to bond with your child as you help them through a life-saving, and sometimes lightly dramatic, milestone and come out the other side with a fun, physical, outdoor activity that you have bonded over and can enjoy together for life.

With that, enjoy!


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