All our lessons are one on one so your child can get to know and trust the instructor. 

Your child will be working on a series of self-rescue and water-safety skills that will prepare them for any water activity. As always we can work on preparing your child for a specific event or sport. 

Please note that we do teach all ages and abilities. Please get in touch with us should your child be over 8 years old, has had a near drowning experience they can articulate, or has any special needs - diagnosed or not. 

Level 1 

Children will be able to navigate around the pool, swim short distances (no breath), turn around should they need to reorient themselves, and get back to safety should they fall in the pool. 

This level has a guaranteed pass for children over 30months who have no special needs and who have not missed a part of any lesson during a session. Children who cannot demonstrate these skills consistently in the second week of the session and who meet all guarantee conditions will be offered more lessons.

Level 2 

Children will work on incorporating their arms, floating on their back, and taking a breath mid swim. 

On Location

Lessons in the comfort of your own pool. Your child will get to learn to swim in their own pool and you don't have to drive anywhere.


(125$ effective Jan 1st 2020)

Attend a session

Our most popular option. Nine ten minute lessons guaranteed to get your child swimming independently. No goggles, no floaties, and no equipment to buy. 


(375$ effective Jan 1st 2020)


HOST a session

If you have a pool and are willing to open it up to other families who also need their children to be safer in the water you can benefit from free lessons for your children or yourself!

FREE for the host family!


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Photographs by www.jtc-photography.com