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Selena (Grinham) Willows

 is an acclaimed Water Safety Education Expert who helps parents improve their family's water safety and gain peace of mind around the water with their pre-schoolers. 

Through various coaching services and speaking engagements Selena helps parents of 2-5 year olds keep their children safer around the water and teach them to swim and self-rescue so they can get back to enjoying the water for themselves and create a bonding and fun atmosphere free of fear and anxiety. 

All About Selena

Selena has over 27 years of experience in the field and through her proprietary method has helped thousands of parents find calm around the water knowing that their children are at a diminished risk of drowning. 


Selena has built swim curriculums for community pools & private aquatic facilities, she developed and administered training for cold water survival for the Canadian military for over ten years and even helped train some of Montreal's finest in the water. Since 2014 Selena has been operating her own swim and water safety academy where she teaches and coaches parents as they teach their own children to swim and self-rescue in as little as three weeks.

Selena is passionate about drowning prevention and believes that the most effective way to affect drowning rates is to ensure parents have all the tools they need to not only teach their children to swim and self-rescue safely but also to recognise a problem before it becomes a danger keeping their children safer by the water. 



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Swim to Safety is featured on NBC News Channel


 The talk is about water safety (like the chilling fact that it takes less than 20 seconds for a child to stop fighting for breath), the spiritual experience of witnessing a child push past their fears and perceived limitations, as well as how she coaches.


Swim to Safety is featured on USA Today News Channel


This interview is with Selena from Swim to Safety by Selena. She is a swim coach and instructor in the Montreal-Ottawa area. In this video, she informs us what we should watch out for when it comes to drowning, the importance of CPR, as well as how to get more information on the swim lessons she offers. 

Swim to Safety is featured on CBS News Channel


Swim to Safety is featured on Fox News Channel


Talk It Out: Piece by Peace podcast explores the transformative power of peace in parenting. Join host Kelley Webb with Selena on a journey of growth, connection, and positive impact. Dive into heartfelt conversations, uncover practical tools, and navigate the complexities of peaceful parenting. 

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Welcome to Motherhood: The Real Deal. Tayla is a former Editor in Chief turned parenting blogger, who lives with Mr C in Greater London, their eight year old daughter and puppy Millie. Today, we’re diving into an important topic that every parent can relate to: helping our precious munchkins conquer their fear of water. 

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Swimming lessons don’t need to take months or years to produce confident & independent swimmers. Children as young as 18 months CAN and DO learn to swim in just a matter of a few practices all the time in my programs; so why does it take so long for a child enrolled in traditional lessons at the local swim school or community center to become independent in the water?

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Swimming is a body skill and just like learning to walk, run, ride a bike, or any other body skill the basics can be picked up relatively easily when the program is administered at the appropriate developmental level and in such a way that omits prescriptive movements. 
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Swim to Me: Your path to an independent swimmer

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