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COVID-19 - Montreal

Hi Swimmers, 


I hope you are all well and staying healthy in all this. 


As we are a month out and don’t have any more information on what will be happening I would like to be proactive and ready in case we can go forward with classes. 


Even with a reopening of small size classes some changes will have to be made to our model to mitigate the risks associated with being around one another. 


As a business it is very important that I follow COVID rules but as a mom I feel it is even more important not just for my family but for yours as well. As such, I will be following all local directives and have purchased a face mask that I can wear in the pool while teaching your children and a disinfectant that can be used on my mask, shirt, and hands between classes.


As the program relies greatly on trust and a mask can get in the way of that we will also be running classes for ten (10) days rather than the usual nine (9) to help with the children's comfort level. This is at no additional cost to you.


Currently the swim community is expecting a higher than regular drowning rate for this summer. Regular spring swim lessons did not take place this season, meaning many kids haven't been in a pool for months. With the number of families staying at home this year, pool sales this year have surged as many families become first time pool owners.  A lack of swimming experience and lack of familiarity with pool safety at home is a dangerous mix.


As a passionate water safety expert, and swim school owner this is a terrifying prospect and as a mom I am concerned about the impact on our communities and families. A child drowning in a home pool could happen to anyone anywhere, even if your child can swim. Accidents happen.

At this time my colleagues and I are particularly worried about new pool owners and newly independent swimmers who may overestimate their abilities. As my program already addresses the main concerns with water safety, the plan we are putting in place this summer is to best mitigate these risks: 


Firstly, where possible and following public health advice, classes will be delivered with two changes: the additional 10th day, and a reduction in class size to accommodate social distancing measures. 


What this means for you as a client:


Swim to Safety will be prioritizing spots for lessons first by households that have, or expect to have access this season to private non-guarded pools. Secondly, priority will be offered to households with more than one child registered.

An exception for the class size of two will be in place for three children from the same household.


If you have access to a private pool that does not have lifeguard supervision, or if you have purchased a pool for your home that will be installed this season, you will have first priority for registration spots.  Please click on the link below to ensure this priority.



Second priority will be based on the number of children from your household registered.  


By prioritizing multiple child households I can reduce the risk of exposure while teaching as many children as possible and keeping wait lists down for next season so we can continue to accommodate children that will be coming of age for these lessons in the coming season. 



Should you not have a pool or the ability to practice the self rescue skills I teach during class this summer it may be in your best interest to defer your session until next season. 


The skills taught in this course need to be practiced regularly in order to keep them up and improve upon them. 


Though swimming is much like walking in that the skill itself will not go away it is also like riding a bicycle in that in those first few years it takes a little chutzpah to get back on the bike the first time in the new season for little ones. So though your child may not forget the skills they learn in class with me, without somewhere to practice those skills this year, it be will harder for them to hop in the pool with confidence next year. It would be frustrating to you, the parent, for all of that hard work to go to waste


The program is designed in such a way that, if regular practice is provided for, the children need not see me again unless you would like your child to learn new skills. Not having access to water this season and missing that year of practice until next summer will not be a positive experience for your child.


If you do not respond to this email by June 15th, we will consider you to have deferred to the 2021 season, your deposit will be transferred in full and you will be advised when the special pre-registration period opens. 


Given the concerns about water safety this year, and in order to ensure that life saving is shared as widely as possible, we will be delivering free live talks and Q&A's on a variety social media platforms, throughout the summer regarding pool and water safety for the general public as well as offering free private seminars for any institution or club that deliver services to children.


These talks and seminars will begin this week. A link can be found here to register for the first public talk and a flyer is attached should you wish to inform your school or community group of this free service. 


With best intentions in this difficult time. 




Selena Grinham

Water Safety Expert and Owner of Swim to Safety